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What sets Garbology Kids™ Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? apart?

The EcoAdventures™ imprint promotes literacy, environmental education and sustainability, and even helps to reduce families’ carbon footprint in an educational and entertaining way.

Unlike other books on the market that quickly cram everything into one book, the Garbology Kids™ Series elaborates on concepts of the 3R’s of recycling, as well as carefully teaches on all the other steps in the waste management hierarchy in individual books, in a simple and fun way that kids (and adults) can understand.

The Garbology Kids™ Series follows the National American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) Excellence in Environmental Education – Guidelines for Learning, helping children to learn to question, analyze and interpret what they see; gain an understanding of environmental processes and systems; understand and address environmental issues; and learn about personal and civic responsibility.

The author has a deep understanding of the recycling and waste management processes and systems. Not many writers (or publishers) tackle these complex topics with the same clarity and depth of information with humor and a sense of wonder.

Each book delivers messages for children on the importance of waste management, specifically “how-to,” and helps them to take action in their home and community.

The concept is delightfully original, fun, relative and timely. The stories can be read one at a time or one after the other by an adult or by a child independently! The stories are positive and uplifting; promote diversity, respect and character; and help promote a greener lifestyle.

Each story includes tips that appear in the illustrations that introduce more on the subject, and can be a great tool for teachers to expand on in the classroom.

Fun Facts, Practical Lessons and Activity at the end of each story allow teachers and parents to reinforce concepts after reading and in their daily practice, and it’s great for homeschooling.

The Garbology Kids™ Series, through the “Be a …” section introduces children (and adults) to a related green career path in each book, describing the career and the professional’s role in addition to practical steps children (and adults) can take to investigate more about that career path.

The Garbology Kids™ Series gives children (and adults) insight into the environmental changes going on around them. It validates the things that they may see in their home and community and gives them the knowledge to teach their friends and neighbors.

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