Garbology Kids

The Garbology Kids™ series uses humor to encourage greater learning and broader thinking about waste, waste generation, management and technologies. It includes diagrams of the recycling loop and the waste hierarchy. It also explains the five most common principles of waste management, diversion and disposal: the chief Recycling Concepts (the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), Composting, Recovery, Treatment and Disposal.

The Garbology Kids™ series offers a fun and interesting way to learn about waste generation and waste management, for the benefit of the Earth and future generations. Each book follows Tiana and her friends as they learn about different aspects of day-to-day environmental and human development issues, and shows children what they can do to help create a sustainable world. Colorful, lively illustrations enhance every story.

The EcoAdventures™ Imprint and READ THINK DO™

Eco Adventures™ is a new eco-friendly children’s imprint from Firewater Media Group that covers many subjects from recycling to energy to conservation, and is a valuable addition to any home, classroom and library.

Stories in the Eco Adventures™ imprint are created with the READ THINK DO™ learning structure and are designed to be read aloud to children, as well as to be read by a child independently. Images and definitions throughout the books are aids to learning the key concepts. The fun facts and practical lessons following each story stimulate children to think about the environment. Their understanding is strengthened by suggested hands-on projects detailed in each book.

This learning structure helps children to:

learn to question, analyze and interpret what they see;

gain an understanding of processes and systems;

build citizenship skills; and

learn about personal and civic responsibility.

The Eco Adventures™ imprint is unique from other “green” books because each book, in addition to its environmentally friendly topic, is eco-friendly — printed on FSC, acid free and post chlorinated (PCF) free paper — reinforcing our commitment to this worthy cause. Whether your buying for your child, yourself or for a gift, you know that you’re buying something good for you and our environment.

For ages 5+.
Lacey Act and CPSIA compliant.