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Sabbithry Persad has been writing stories and poems since she was a child growing up on the island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Her childhood was filled with many siblings and countless well-read, entertaining books from literature and scientific magazines to comic books and encyclopedias.

Now, Sabbithry Persad shares her enthusiasm for reading and writing through publishing and authoring books. Persad’s debut children’s book is Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?, the first book in the Garbology Kids™ Series.

Persad obtained her BA from New York University. She is the founder of Green Solutions Magazine and is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She currently lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is recycling so important for kids to learn at an early age?
Waste affects our environment – the land, soil, air, plants, water, people’s health, man-made objects…everything.  We need a healthy environment for the planet and for ourselves. Effective recycling is important because it is the simplest way to protect the environment by diverting our reusable resources from affecting the environment, plants, animals and us. It also promotes reuse of valuable natural resource materials.

Does every community have a MURF?
Not every community has a MURF (an MRF/ Materials Recovery Facility), but every day more and more communities are recognizing the importance of recycling and are planning for them.

Where did you get your idea to write “Garbology Kids Where Do Recyclable Materials Go?
I get my ideas from everywhere. For this book, I got the idea when I read an article called “Talking Trash: The World’s Waste Management Problem” by Matt Kallman of the World Resources Institute. I wanted to make a difference for our future so I thought kids would be the best place to start because they are our future. So I decided to write a book for my nieces and nephews, which turned into this Garbology Kids™ Series.

Why do you like writing books?
I love to express creative ideas. I love doing research and learning new things. I love science. And I love to share information with people. All of these things are the reasons why I love writing books.

When you were little, did you like to read?
Yes! I read lots of books, everything from literature, science books and magazines, and history books to comic books and encyclopedias.

How does your book differ from other books on recycling?
I read many of the other books about recycling and found that they all try to put everything about the three R’s—reduce, reuse, recycle—into one book. What I noticed is that these books often left key pieces of information out and I wanted to be able to capture those to give children the full picture.

What makes your book one people should buy?
The first and foremost benefit of this book is helping in a small way to build a sustainable world. It does this by teaching kids (and adults) in a fun and entertaining way the importance of recycling in the larger structure of waste management. The book can also be used as a tool for teachers to educate children about the environment, since this is something more and more people care about.