Garbology Kids

Help Kids Plant the Seeds of Earth-Friendly Living at an Early Age!

Most adults are aware of the importance and benefits of recycling, reducing waste, being aware of endangered species, and respecting our planet, but do our children understand too? It may seem a daunting task to explain global warming and the process of recycling to a child, but the Garbology Kids™ Series makes it easy to share these topics with young readers. And each book in this environmentally friendly line is made from recycled materials – proving our commitment to this worthy cause – not to mention making story time a little safer for trees everywhere.

In addition to our earth-friendly, recycled books, we’ve put together some useful tools to help you share these important lessons with the children in your lives. Make every day Earth Day with Garbology Kids™.

Garbology Kids™ Books Activities and Downloadable Assets:

Garbology Kids™ (Installation instructions)

Garbology Kids™ — Why recycle? PDF

Garbology Kids™ Earth Day Ideas PDF

Garbology Kids™ — Where Do Recyclable Materials Go? Lesson Plan PDF

Garbology Kids™ — 10 Ways to Recycle with Children PDF

Garbology Kids Activity Pages PDF

Garbology Kids Stickers PDF

Garbology Kids Recycle Postcard PDF

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